Radioplayer platform to launch in Austria

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Radioplayer Worldwide is adding Austria to the list of countries using its service, after an agreement with Radioplayer Österreich GmbH.

Radioplayer Österreich GmbH is formed of shareholders from the three biggest commercial radio groups in Austria: Life Radio, Antenne Steiermark and KRONEHIT.

The country follows in the footsteps of Norway, Belgium, Germany and Ireland who have all signed up to the UK system.

Radioplayer will be launched in Austria by late summer 2015, for use on desktop, iOS and Android applications.

“We’re really pleased to have reached an agreement with the Austrian radio industry to licence the technology”, said Simon Blackmore, Managing Director of Radioplayer Worldwide, adding, “This now means we have five territories outside of the UK using Radioplayer, which clearly demonstrates that broadcasters working together in a territory is a vital part of the future of radio”.

“The start of the Austrian Radioplayer helps to establish this technology as a European wide standard”, said Christian Stögmüller, Managing Director of Radioplayer Austria and the CEO of Life Radio.

“Even though the Austrian radio stations have been part of the digital world for years, the Radioplayer is the ideal technical and marketing tool for the entire radio sector and will help us to strengthen our position in the digital world”.