Radioplayer Canada to be Launched “Within Weeks”

A couple of years ago, Radioplayer was introduced in the UK. It’s a site that aggregates all the country’s radio stations in one place, making it easy for anyone to find and stream the station of their choice. It’s an interesting idea that’s had some success.


Now Radioplayer is about to come to Canada, thanks to work by BBM Analytics and a company called SparkNet. Basically, it’s all Canadian radio in one place.

Slated to launch within the next few weeks, Radioplayer Canada’s goals are:

(1) To increase increase digital radio listening. This should increase listening to radio–i.e. higher ratings–which will (theoretically) lead to increased revenue from advertising;

(2) Make it easier for listeners to find the station(s) they want–and to help them discover new stations–through an easy-to-use interface;

(3) Encourage people to stay with radio instead of drifting off elsehere; and

(4) Allow one source for all radio to be connected to everything else: TV, computers, vehicle manufacturers, mobile operators and ISPs.

I’ll be watching this with great interest.


Article from Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things, “Radioplayer Canada to be Launched ‘Within Weeks”’